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HC-Pure Skin Health Solution Mist

HC-Pure Skin Health Solution Mist

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HC Pure Skin is a natural form of hypochlorous skin care for organic acne inflammation and wound care. It naturally-made hypochlorous acid, which is produced naturally by the body to fight inflammation and promote healing. With HC Pure Skin, you can enjoy the benefits of natural skin care and enjoy healthy, clear skin.

This product is at a concentration of 500ppm, while our Multi-Use Cleaners are at 200ppm. They are both skin safe with a 12 month shelf life, but the HC-Pure is formulated specifically for the skin.



Hypochlorous Acid 0.03%,

Pure Water, Organic Ethanoic Acid & other Natural Minerals 99.97%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tiffany Lazarevski

Spray this stuff on my face every morning and it's really helped with breakouts! I also plan on bringing it to Florida to help with any sunburns.

Cat S
Great stuff

Good for your skin
Safe for your pets
Love it..use everyday

Christopher Mehnert
This stuff is amazing!

I am constantly amazed at the capabilities of this spray. We have used it on cuts, dry skin, and even a wart. It not only sped up the healing process for cuts, but it has also made the wart smaller, and is in the process of disappearing all together. I had a small chalazion, which is essentially a small bump on the eyelid, and used the HC-Pure Skin on it by spraying my eyelid. It has caused the bump to heal, and go away...all within a week. I am constantly amazed at what hypochlorous acid can be used for, and the results we have achieved by using it.

Ralston Soong
Excellent stuff

I use it everyday to clean everything! Even my body after showering.

Phenomenal Wound Care And Then Some...

Everyone needs this HOCl Skin Mist at home. It has no smell, isn't sticky, doesn't stain & has a super fine spray (so you don't waste product). EVERYONE in the house uses it religiously for all skin conditions: sunburns, cuts, acne...there isn't a skin condition that we don't use it for, even our daughter with extremely sensitive skin uses it daily. It truly is an amazing product.